Mobility bonus: the government does “forgets” of motorcycles

Mobility bonus confirmed up to 500 euro per bike, e-bike, electric scooters… But nothing for scooters and motorcycles. And the media don't talk about it?

In Relaunch Decree presented by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on 13 May the so-called was added mobility bonus. It is an incentive to purchase bikes, e-bike, electric scooters, single wheel until 60% of value and with a roof of 500 euro valid for purchases from 4 May to 31 December 2020.

But be careful, because they are entitled to the mobility bonus iadult citizens residing in regional or provincial capitals, metropolitan cities or urban centers with more than 50 thousand inhabitants, without distinction of income.

Disbursement takes place in two ways: come refund after purchase (in this case the beneficiary must request it on the appropriate online platform by attaching the purchase receipt), or how discount applied directly by the merchant who will then send the documentation.

Well, surely it is nice that the government has become aware of how light mobility is a fundamental element of the restart, but what is striking is the total absence of the motorcycle world within this incentive.

For motorbikes and scooters the incentive for scrapping remains valid but it is precisely linked to the scrapping of an old moped or scooter owned, as I have already explained here.

The motorbike and scooter sector is an important industrial sector in Italy, by numbers, excellence and history, represented by Confindustria Ancma. A sector that after difficult years is now put to the test by the total stop of the market in the middle of the season.

It is difficult for me to consider this forgetfulness as the result of a distraction.

There is rather a deformation of the choices in the name of an alleged and clumsy green turn. Incentivizing motorbikes at the moment is obviously not a good propaganda because it is easier to attract the attention of citizens / voters by talking about the green economy, of lowering emissions, of something they can buy easily and without feeling “ugly, dirty and bad”.

Really so green and smart?

Ora, if you read this blog, you know how sensitive I am to the issue of green and pollution and how often I have defended the two electric wheels. I also replied to 10 most common false myths about electric motorcycles! But here we talk about something else.

With the excuse of green it pushes itself on products passed off as intelligent, smart, when I'm not at all. Obviously I am not referring to bikes or even e-bikes, but on scooters, hoverboard e monoruota, micromobility means undoubtedly interesting for small displacements (of the laziest people, I would add) but which do not yet have any reference legislation regarding circulation and which are mainly produced and distributed by Asian companies of which little and nothing is known and often distributed by companies that enter and leave the market very quickly.

The electric scooter can be a fun whim, but it is not a solution to mobility. The bike is, e-bike is, the scooter is, the bike is. And I don't even see so much ecology in an extra battery-powered vehicle, of which we often do not know the origin and the recipe, and built mostly of plastic.

In the absence of regulations, the scooter is dangerous. I know that we motorcyclists have made us orchid with this thing of danger and therefore it sounds ironic that now I tell others. But there is a substantial difference: for the motorbike it is necessary to have a driving license and to respect driving and safety rules. There are no rules for scooters, They are cheap, anyone can use them and go… ovunque. Practically the far west in the name of being smart & green?

And the government not only endorses it, but incentives, removing resources from a historical sector in which we have more excellence than any other country in the world!

I reiterate that I am not referring to bikes or e-bikes that are completely different and really represent a way to reduce traffic and pollution and are absolutely part of that sector of excellence to which I refer.

And the newspapers?

I don't like to criticize the work of others, but I can not help but notice that the deliberate choice of is not underlined and stigmatized in the trade press “to punish” motorized wheels.

You take the news and bang it on the site as quickly as possible to be the first on Google News, without reflection, a comment, a deepening. Sometimes there is no thickness, more easily there is no time or desire to do it, to expose yourself, to take the slightest responsibility for a thought.

Why risk being antagonized that advertiser who sells hoverboards and that the publisher's commercial has been taking care of for a long time because maybe we will be able to sell him an advertising page this year? And then it's the trend: if hoverboards take off it is better to be friends with those who sell them, do not?

Beyond my overwhelming jokes, in cases like this I believe that an extra thought beyond the news is due to an industrial sector of which the press is also a part, to inform, explain, make understand what happens to those who read and do not follow the dynamics closely.

This is one of the reasons why I opened this blog and continue to carry it out without publishers or agencies. This is an independent site that you want to support with the contribution of its readers, of what I called my clan. Because as I always say, an informed motorcyclist is a motorcyclist more aware of his role and will act for a better world.

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