Between Iseo, Val Camonica and Crocedomini

An itinerary among winding roads, green woods, severe gray rocks and mirrors of water and golden statues: from Iseo to Val Camonica up to Passo di Crocedomini

Between Lake of Iseo, Val Camonica and the Crocedomini Pass there is certainly no shortage of alternatives in terms of interesting roads. At some fast stretches from the bend, narrow mountain roads alternate. What I propose is one of many itinerari that can be followed in an area highly recommended for all types of motorcycles.

When to go?

Rather we should ask ourselves when NOT to go! The area it has no particular contraindications, although it remains obvious that being a mountainous area with altitudes close to 2.000 meters in some places, the winter season is not recommended and some points may be forbidden to the passage of vehicles. For the rest, you can enjoy these streets all year round. In particular, I find that in autumn they are even more suggestive.

Colli di San Fermo, an amusement park

With which bike?

Between Lake Iseo and Val Camonica there are no types of motorcycles that are not recommended. I would say that the streets are well suited to all styles. There are narrow passages and other fast spots so everyone can find their favorite spot. If you want to add the link between Passo Crocedomini and Giogo del Maniva it is advisable if not an enduro at least a little rubber’ carved. The road is unpaved and beaten, does not present particular difficulties, but it is not the best to do it with a sports car.

strain on the climb to the pass of crocedomini

Roads and distances

The roads are mostly in good condition and do not present particular difficulties (except as mentioned above in the section Crocedomini – Maniva which, however, I have not included in the itinerary and represents a detour). There are very narrow and winding sections such as i Hills of San Fermo e la Your Mala in Val di Scalve (dezzo) and some points of the Crocedomini Pass. But there are also wide and fast stretches such as the one between Sovere and Clusone or the Presolana Pass and finally the one between Borno and Malegno on which rallies are run.

As for distances and times, it is a tour that can be done in half a day if you don't stop, or you can take it easy, eat a bite and come back for the evening. If you want to stretch, instead of taking the Val di Scalve a Dezzo, you can go on for Schilpario and the Campelli Pass. We will cross the Val Camonica again a Allione oven and from here you can go down or extend again with a turn towards Fresine. It all depends on the time available.

a glimpse of the nostalgia club museum in breno

What see?

Surely in the first place among the things to see is the landscape which in some places is really worthy in this continuous game of climbs, descended, dense woods, hard and severe rocks and water mirrors. They particularly impressed me – also because I hadn't seen him before doing this tour – i Hills of San Fermo.

But if you have time to take a break, I suggest you do it in Breno and visit the Nostalgia Club Museum. Make contact and book the visit because there are motorbikes, automobile, memorabilia and the enthusiasm of many fans. On the ascent to Crocedomini, and then, you will notice a Bienno a large golden statue. Take a break, in respectful silence, in front of the monument a Christ the King (1930) and to admire the frescoes in the Chapel of Santa Maddalena.

statue of christ the king in bienno

useful Tips

Obviously, the usual advice or caution applies, contained speeds, protections and a rain cover as well as warm clothing given the altitudes. For the rest there is not much else. The only busy points are at the start (Sarnico, Paratico), in the area Endine lake and sometimes Clusone depending on the time.

For a gastronomic stop you will find everything along the way. It is convenient to stop in the area Pass of the Presolana, more or less halfway, where there is a fair choice. There are also valid alternatives in the area Borno and obviously a Swimming pool e Crocedomini.

Photo by Filippo Pandin.

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